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Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory LTD (ECCF) is a UAE based supplier of ground Calcium Carbonate. ECCF is a company with a refreshingly innovative mix of state of the art machinery and a qualified team that serves a heterogeneous mix of clientele from all over the region. While ECCF’s first manufacturing plant is in Ajman, it has a solid regional foot print and a growing international scope.

ECCF is committed to providing their customers with quality products that are delivered on time. Therefore, ECCF established itself as premium provider of superior calcium carbonate products from a wide range of finesses ranging from 5 microns all the way up to 200 microns, and bigger grain sizes for special market segments such as oilfield supply.

We serve business to business operation models and that are driven by constructions and property booms in the UAE and neighboring countries. ECCF continues to innovate and invest in upgrading production lines and expanding its capacity to keep up with the increasing demand that the GCC market is witnessing.

ECCF implements green practices in all its processes, from grinding to packing to finally disposing of waste through energy and resource conservation, and engineering that reduces operational and lifecycle costs.