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  History and Timeline  
Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory LTD (ECCF) officially launched its operations in 1993 with a single piece of equipment that produced a modest eight thousand tons a year. ECCF was limited at providing grinded calcium carbonate to the oil industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Once processed, calcium carbonate has a wealth of uses: as a flux in steel production and in processing of non ferrous metals in bricks, mortar and concrete for construction as a raw material in glass; in the construction of roads and dams

in the manufacture of paper, paints and dyes, carpeting and other floor coverings and in the treatment of water, industrial waste, gases and house-hold refuse. It is also used to reduce soil acidity in agriculture, to absorb water and add calcium in food products, and in sugar ex-traction.

ECCF aspired for leadership and success, and by deploying a range of cutting edge machinery, ECCF has been able to success fully penetrate most of these sectors, namely sectors paints carpeting, insulation materials, mortars adhesives, plasters, ceramic, glass and animal feed.

ECCF believes that by hiring the best talent and adopting rigorous technical, environmental and safety procedures, ECCF will always be able to deliver to its commitment to the ‘finest’ products and services.