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What makes Us different?
  What makes Us different?  
    Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory (ECCF) is the biggest Manufacturer of Calcium Carbonate in terms of tonnage. At the current growth rates, With solid plans and continuous growth efforts, ECCF is projected to be one the biggest manufacturers in the GCC region. Can cater to the MEA region
    ECCF owns its own fleet of trucks, which are managed and scheduled to ensure goods are delivered in appropriate condition, at the right time.
  Our sales team
    A responsive multicultural sales team joins forces at ECCF to ensure customers receive the information, products and services they ask for and need.
    Products are checked to their quality, fines's and brightness. This is especially important for clients from the paint industry who often require lab mixes and films to check how our products act on real production of paints
    ECCF’s equipment can operate for very specific and particular requests of even checking particle sizes.